Festivals in Murcia

January 6th - Three wise men
The' Three Wise Men' - fiesta when Spanish children receive their gifts. Murcia and Cartagena have special fiestas.

Easter Period - La Semana Santa (The Holy Week)
Starts on the Friday 10 days preceding Easter and lasts till Easter Sunday. All towns will hold festivities but the main ones are in Murcia, Cartagena and Jumilla.

Tuesday after Easter - Bando de la Huerta
In Murcia local people are wandering through the city in typical costumes.

Saturday after Easter - Entierro de la Sardine
Closing of the spring festivals. A parade with fanfare music and people dressed as giants and dwarfs go through the city. Toys are handed out from the floats to the children in the crowd. At night there is a big fair and a huge firework spectacle.

May 1st – 5th - Festival of the Holy Cross
Festival of the Holy Cross in Caravaca de la Cruz includes the famous ‘Race of the Wine Horses’ where the horses used in the Vineyards are raced through the streets to the Castle at the top of the town.

July - Jazz festival
San Javier – runs the whole month and features leading Jazz and Blues artists and some rock, pop & folk acts.

August - Folk Festival
Folk festival in San Pedro del Pinatar and Lo Pagan
Fiesta de la Vendimia in Jumilla - celebrate the harvest.

September 2nd Tuesday - Romería de la Fuensanta
Silent parade, in honor of the virgin Fuensanta, from the cathedral of Murcia to a church in the mountains.

September feasts - Fiestas de Septiembre
From the first Friday in September till the second Monday afterwards. During these days there is a large fair for young and old, concerts are given and various bull fights can be visited.

September - Romans & Carthaginians
Takes place in Cartagena.

November -Jazz Festival
Cartagena Jazz Festival takes place.

December 3rd - Fiesta de San Francisco de San Javier
Fiesta de San Francisco de San Javier providing sports, games, exhibitions and concerts

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